Saturday, August 29, 2009


The Reglan is making me really loopy. X woke early and had already finished 39 of his 50 ml when I got there at 11pm, and he was tired out. Andrew had been gone all day in Yuma so i was looking forward to feeding him. I ended up staying up until the 2 am feeding so we could have some time together. He refused to nurse completely, but took 30 ml of his bottle. Apparently, they are doing construction next door to his room, so he was awake for quite a bit. His blood pressure is a little low, which is a common side effect of the Captopril that they started yesterday. He has until Monday still,before they tell the surgeon to book the g-tube surgery for Thursday. In a way, i look forward to it either way, i just want my baby to come home.

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  1. Me TOO! I will be there Tuesday am....I think.... I fly back on Saturday. I love you! Give the babies a hug & kiss from Me!