Monday, August 3, 2009

EKG came back

Trip one to nicu, Katelyn watched Allison so me and andrew could visit Xander. As soon as i see him, i notice he is back under the bili blanket. After adjusting his "goggles" i notice he has an IV in his head. Poor guy has it all taped in his hair. Nurse greets us bedside, and informs us his hand iv was making his hand swell so they put one in his head. It looks just awful, by the way. That his jaundice was in fact up again, so they have him under triple lights and will be for a few days and they will recheck after a day or two. She said she was just about to put in the feed tube, and said we might want to leave as it can be a bit upsetting to see. So andrew went to go play with allie, and i went to pump. HORRIBLE idea, as the room is connected to the NICU and i heard his wailing and choking from the pumping chair. Came back and apparently they could not get it in his nose, so they put it in his mouth. His nose was all bloody from their attempt. They gave him 1/2 oz of breastmilk and we left.

Trip two. Allison passed out in the car and i went in first, while Andrew stayed in the car with A. Show up and no one even glances at me, so i went to pump. Came back and stand there on pins and needles waiting for someone to come... nothing. Talk to X a bit , and his alarm starts going off, the warmer was on full heat and said his body temp was dropping. Alarms blaring, red lights flashing... nobody comes. I notice the sensor is, in fact not attached. So i tell a nurse, and she has me attach it. So then, he is SCREAMING and immediately the alarm goes off again because now that the sensor is working it is reading that it was baking him from it thinking he was too cold. No one comes, until a nurse comes and just turns off the alarm. Eventually the neonatologist comes over and tells me X has ASD and VSD. The following link explains both rather well.
She says she wants to do a repeat EKG on the 11th. I ask if it will be monitored from home if he improves his feeds by then. She beat around the bush, but basically said it would be a miracle that he would be out by then. Super. I left, and Andrew went and saw X for a bit while i stayed with A in the car.

Long day, pumping like crazy to get enough for all of X's feeds.

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  1. OMG I want to kick some serious ass over there. Is there a patient advocate or hospital administrator you can call (or have ME call??!?)