Sunday, December 13, 2009

Virus defeated

So my computer virus issue is finally resolved, so i can add updates again. Allison is working on getting on a better schedule. Its been HARD, as she was going to bed at like 5am.
I have been cleaning the house getting ready to move at the beginning of the year. Shampooing the carpets and scrubbing the walls were some of the tedious and time consuming tasks i took on this week. Of course allison "helped".
Xander has been doing ok. At his post op appointment, we discovered he was developing granulos tissue around his gtube, so we have to burn it off with these cool little swabs that look like matchsticks. The dr put in a new tube, which was definitely an experience. It has caused less irritation, and is more comfortable for him. When we first arrived, his fever was at 105.8 and everyone was shocked.
At the cardio appointment the dr did an EKG and a few other tests. The ultrasound showed he had alot more fluid around his heart and proceeded to order an xray. When his assistant asked if it was the pre op xray and he said yes, i was floored. He told me he would be getting the surgery in december. Apparently he is putting on ok weight, but with his crazy fevers and rapid breathing tell us he is ready to get it fixed as he just doesnt have the strength anymore. The appointment has been made for dec 30th, and we have to be at the hospital on the 29th for an NPO order. We will yet again be staying at the ronald mcdonald house. The surgery is at rady childrens hospital in san diego and they expect him being in the hospital about 10 days, and his chest will not be fully healed until a few months post op. I look forward to seeing the difference in my little guy.
Andrew is on leave that he got for reupping. He got 21days of leave that end on the 24th. After that he is on holiday leave, and that directly leads into xanders hospital time. So he will have 39 days of consecutive leave and then we will be out of here pretty soon after that. We all look forward to miramar. Closer to family and the hospital, and better weather.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6 hours of driving to go to a dr?

X was at 9 lbs 2 oz after drinking a bottle, so the kid is still not putting on weight. I have an appointment at 8 30am in san diego, so i am about to head out to drive x and i out there, it is 4 30am now. I dont see how there is no one here that can save me from having to drive 3 hours one way for a hearing test and an ENT appointment. X ran another 102 fever today, and instead of calling the dr, i just gave him some tylenol and waited to see if it would come back, and it never did.

Friday, October 23, 2009


X apparently lost weight between his nicu stay and the first peds appointment. He is now back to 9 lbs which is good. He had his peds appt last week, and got 3 shots and the rotavirus drops. He took them well, but puked up the drops. Yesterday x ran a fever of 102.2, and was irritable, but is doing just fine now. A has a cold, as do i , we had a humidifier party all day today. Allison is such a riot, constantly keeping me on my toes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet the Dr.

Met X's pediatrician. I like him for peds but i think i am going to find another dr for cardiology since he wants to leave it all up to balboa instead of adjusting his meds. Hit a tree on the way to the appt, ill never live this one down. X was choking on his own vomit, and instead of hitting the breaks, i turned around to see if he was ok. Oah and i neglected to wake andrew up for work this morning. I am so tired all the time, its just taking a bit more time to get all these wake ups down. I wake up every three hours for 45 mins to an hour, so i only get 2 hour blocks of sleep starting at around 3 am.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make it stop!!!!!!!

The insanity that is :)
Went to a WIC appointment from hell with an overtired toddler and a colicy (sp?) infant. Two hours after my appointment time, i was freed from that torture chamber.
Xander weighs 8lbs 14oz, holy moses, the milk shakes must be working. Allison weighs 28 lbs, poor thing is a beanpole.
Went to walmart with my dearest miranda, and she darn near did the whole wic thing for me. Checkout must have taken a good 30 mins. After all this, i ask myself, "self, is this really worth it?" Answer is still unknown.
not sleeping like i should, hell, im running on empty 24/7. Which just might be why you might sense a touch of insanity in my "tone", hee hee.
I want a "nap nanny" so bad. Saw it online, i have a feeling i will be saving pennies next paycheck. It looks awesome to use for g-tube feeding.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

X hit 8lbs yesterday.They removed the last of the stitches since they were causing more irritation than them helping. They are putting a 2x2 gauze in between his skin and the button, since they are now thinking all the swelling and irritation are actually caused by the button itself since the cultures they took are not growing anything. What the surgeon assumed was that since he is putting on more fat is that there is no room between the button and his skin, and it is kind of pressing into his skin. He said at the check up, he will put in a larger size button, but cant do it yet, because if it comes out before scar tissue has formed, he will have to do the whole procedure all over again. At least we have no infection, as of yet.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So X ran a low grade fever last night. They immediately did blood tests and put him on antibiotics. No L.P. this time. The surgeon came in to remove the extra stitches around the button. The dr said he was glad antibiotics were started as he thinks it is infected. It is oozy and swollen around the incision site. The only stitches remaining are one on each side to keep the button from moving around too much. X still has a tiny incision under the belly button where they put in the camera, and that looks really good. This puts us back about a week probably, but what is another week?