Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make it stop!!!!!!!

The insanity that is :)
Went to a WIC appointment from hell with an overtired toddler and a colicy (sp?) infant. Two hours after my appointment time, i was freed from that torture chamber.
Xander weighs 8lbs 14oz, holy moses, the milk shakes must be working. Allison weighs 28 lbs, poor thing is a beanpole.
Went to walmart with my dearest miranda, and she darn near did the whole wic thing for me. Checkout must have taken a good 30 mins. After all this, i ask myself, "self, is this really worth it?" Answer is still unknown.
not sleeping like i should, hell, im running on empty 24/7. Which just might be why you might sense a touch of insanity in my "tone", hee hee.
I want a "nap nanny" so bad. Saw it online, i have a feeling i will be saving pennies next paycheck. It looks awesome to use for g-tube feeding.

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