Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So i went to the NICU yesterday for x's 2pm feeding, he was a lazy nurser, but he took 40ml of milk via bottle. When i get back Auntie Katelyn is hanging out with A and andrew. We all decide to go to horton plaza for a late lunch. On the way there, allison throws up all over herself. We were lost and had to ask for directions. Finally we get there and run into macy's and get her a cute jumpsuit. Auntie k helped me get allison changed, and we head to panda express for lunch. While waiting to order our food, allison pukes again. I catch it in my hands, all but a few drops. So we finally get our food to go. I also got cinnabon for dessert, hey, it was a rough afternoon :P Get back to the Fisher house and eat. Allison is acting normal again, and i was thinking it was just the fact that allison had been chugging "bunny" (chocolate) milk all day instead of eating.
I took Auntie k to see x again and finished up the 8pm feeding. When we get out, i get a call from andrew that allison puked again in the playroom at the fisher house. Auntie K had to go, so we walked her to her car, and go to our room where allison slothed around the room for a bit and fell asleep. I was relaxing and watching t.v. and had nodded off. I woke up abruptly just barely in time to catch another round of vomit. Poor thing was MISERABLE.
All day today we avoided seeing x, to prevent him getting sick. Saw him for his 11pm feeding. The corpsman had given him a mohawk, and let me tell you, this may become his permanant hairstyle, it is to DIE for :)


  1. Take some more pics! I want to see him!! I am so sorry that Allie has the stomach bug. Hopefully it will pass quickly and no one else will get it! Love you guys!!

  2. Sorry to hear that Allie was so sick :( I cant' wait to see the mohawk!! HUGS

  3. I'm telling you a faux-hawk is the cutest lil boy style!!! I lurrrve it!!!

    Hope Allie feels better soon and no one else gets sick! Kisses and loves to everyone!!