Monday, September 21, 2009

Light at the end of our tunnel

We got a phone call this morning that we needed to hurry up and get X into DEERS and put him on our insurance if we wanted to take him home on wednesday. We were both in shock. He took to his feeds well and is back up to his full 60ml, some by mouth, some by tube. I am in love with his Mic-Key button (feeding tube), i just clip in the tube and insert his feed, then after it is all in, i just un-clip the tube and we are all done!!!! The surgeon, apparently, did not do some fundo thing where it makes it so they cannot spit up/ throw up. THis would have been nice so that we could do contiouous feedings at night. Oah well, looks like i have to wake up every three hours still :) Our social worker is setting up delivery of all the medical supplies so that they show up on a schedule to our door. We are still working on getting the breast milk fortifying formula, as it is expensive.

A just loves playing at the childcare normally, and asks to play with her "frens". Today she threw a HUGE fit today and took quite a bit of distraction to settle down.

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